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Welcome to The Friesen Point, a place where Chicago comedians Dan Friesen and Dan Drees hang out with a hilarious friend and have a bull session. Sometimes, they delve into conspiracies. Sometimes, they play games. Always, they have a good time.

In this installment, Drees is busy, so Friesen goes one-on-one with The Returning Hero, The Brooklyn Baby, The Former Neighbor, Tommy Mac. The duo chat a bit about being jealous of your hypothetical kid, engage in a little beverage taste test and much more.

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In this installment, Dan Friesen and his BEST FRIEND Nicky Gifts take a look back at the Degrassi: The Next Generation episode "Hungry Eyes." Emma becomes a energy drink (?) spokeswoman, Sav has his first kiss, and Bruce The Moose makes an unfortunate cameo.

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In this installment, "The Sane Conspiracy Theorists" Dan Friesen and Marty DeRosa take a little time to do a little Mixed Bag episode. The headlines are full of topics that need some attention, and it's time to clear the docket. They break down a bizarre InfoWars article, talk a little JonBenet, and Dan gets a little weird at the end.

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In which the Dans are joined in studio by the hilarious Trey Brown. Trey is about to move to LA, but before he does, it was important to sit down for a little chat about cereals, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and much more.

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In this installment, Dan Friesen and Nicky Gifts explore the episode of Degrassi: TNG where Ellie's boyfriend makes out (at least) with Caitlyn Ryan and we learn that Holly J Sinclair is a horrible bitch. Also, Dan and Nick wax a little sentimental.

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Today, the Dans are thrilled to welcome back to the podcast the hilarious Zach Peterson.  The trio get down to some of the most important topics around like politics, using the bathroom outdoors, astral projection, and the Cereal Bracket.

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In this installment, Dan and Nicky Gifts explore the fantastical world of Canada, one half-hour episode of television at a time. This week, Manny Santos has a debutante ball to prepare for, Wheely Jimmy and Ashley are at odds, and one of the show's hosts can't figure out how to order Taco Bell from Postmates.

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On this installment, Dan and Marty take a look at the current world Zika situation, and consult their literal doctor friend Dr. Gums to help them understand the severity of the situation. Are we due for an outbreak? What about these robot mosquitos? Tune in to learn all about it all.

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Today, the Dans finally get back to business. To make the transition to the new studio smoother, they are thrilled to welcome back to the show the hilarious Sarah Shockey! The trio breaks down a little bit about how Friesen moved, and how he found the greatest thing in the world when he did.

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Today, Dan Friesen launches a new experiment in how the show is going to deal with Degrassi in the future. In this new form, he gets on the phone with his best friend/former co-host/guy he originally watched Degrassi with Nicky Gifts to break down all the ins-and-outs, the ups-and-downs in the lives of Canadian Teens. In this episode, the duo take on cancer, boring side-plots, and a bully with an interesting diet.

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