Friesen Point
Growing up, Dan Friesen always wanted a radio show. As an adult, he created this podcast, which is actually a bunch of podcasts. Friesen Point is a fun talk show. TWTWYTT is an in depth investigation of conspiracy theories. Degrassholes is a (too) in depth, episode by episode exploration of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It all sounds stupid, but you'll love it.

On today's adventure, Dan and Nick cover the Degrassi episode where Snake goes back to teaching after being ruled innocent of sexual harassment, and Holly J realizes that she wants to let Toby hit.  Also, the two gents talk a bit about Atlanta strip clubs.

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Today, Dan is joined on the show by his friend, the hilarious and opinionated Aaron Sutherland. The gents discuss some problems in Conspiracy Land, check in on breaking Linda McMahon news, and debate the relative fighting skills of Yogi Bear.

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Today, Dan sits down alone to record a little episode for you all. He starts by rambling a little bit, then explains why he wants to beat up all the members of Winnie the Pooh's gang, tells a few stories from his past, and of course does a little round of Could Get It Or Quit It.

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Today, Dan is joined on the podcast by his very funny and interesting friend, comedian Lisa Peters. The two discuss some concerns about the world, whether or not any animal shelter is actually a "no kill shelter," and Lisa tries to get Dan to accept that he likes Urban Outfitters music.

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Today, Dan is joined by his dear friend Matt Riggs for a delightful chat about therapy, meditation, and much more. While they chat, Matt tries to get Dan to enjoy Beck's 1999 album Midnite Vultures. Plus, a riveting round of Could Get It Or Quit It.

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Today, Dan is joined on the podcast by his good friend, the hilarious Marty DeRosa. The two sit down intending to break down a conspiracy theory, but get distracted by pop music, so they just roll with it. Stick around for a spirited round of 90s song themed "Could Get It or Quit It"

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Today, Dan is joined on the podcast by his good buddy Nick Rouley (of the Jam Sandwich podcast). Though they originally intended to dig deep into a very strange fringe group of weirdos, they get sidetracked and talk a whole lot about pornography and cyber warfare.

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Today, Dan thinks he's starting a new podcast called Hell Friesen Over, but as everyone knows by now, that will probably only last an episode or two before everything goes back to normal. In the meantime, he sits down with the returning Tommy Mac to chat a little bit about a bad news story, the time he got robbed, and the time Tommy got scammed.

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In this installment, Dan and Nick discuss the Degrassi The Next Generation episode where Paige may or may not contract HIV. It's not all heavy stuff though, as they spend most of the episode talking about BET Uncut videos that they wish were on Youtube.

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Today, Dan and Marty discuss the aftermath of the presidential election, and wrestle with some of the implications, and speculate about what is to come.

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