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Welcome to The Friesen Point, a place where Chicago comedians Dan Friesen and Dan Drees hang out with a hilarious friend and have a bull session. Sometimes, they delve into conspiracies. Sometimes, they play games. Always, they have a good time.

In today's installment, Dan experiments with a new expanded format of the TWTWYTT banner, as he sits down alone in the studio to begin an exploration into the topic of Atlantis. To start things off, he breaks down his personal history with Atlantis, then looks into the historical record left in the works of Plato.

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On today's show, Nicky Gifts is in town visiting, so he and Dan sit down live in studio to tell some old stories about drinking absinthe, some new stories about Dan's favorite Thai joint, and then break down the episode of Degrassi where Darcy tries to seduce Snake.

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Today, Dan and Marty reunite to address a number of important topics including, but not limited to: more JonBenet talk, the Kardashian robbery, how Trump should go "Full Bullworth," and much much more.

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In this installment, Dan and Nicky Gifts break down S7E11 of Degrassi, "Owner of a Lonely Heart." Marco is tempted to become a prostitute, Jay and Manny get fake engaged, and Dan tells a story about hanging out with a pimp.

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Today, Marty is busy, so Dan brings in two replacements from out of town to help him find some truths. The great rapper Farout (out of KC) and the hilarious Tommy Mac (in town from NY) join Dan in the studio to break down the juicy topic of the Slenderman. Is this internet meme even worth discussing? Is there something behind it? Press play to find out.

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Today, the Dans are thrilled to welcome back to the studio one of their dearest friends, Matt Riggs. Matt just got back from a little tour, so the boys reunite to discuss college sports, the Cereal Bracket, and much more.

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In this installment, Dan and his BEST FRIEND Nicky Gifts break down the Season 7 episode of Degrassi known as Pass The Dutchie. Spinner attempts to treat his chemo side effects with weed, Paige sort of kind of quits a job, and your hosts spend probably too much time talking about "the old days."

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In this installment, The Sane Conspiracy Theorists/Media-Ready Satanists Dan Friesen and Marty DeRosa break down The Hellfire Club. What really happens is that it becomes abundantly clear that Dan and Marty both want to join an orgy club.

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In this installment, Drees is busy, so Friesen goes one-on-one with The Returning Hero, The Brooklyn Baby, The Former Neighbor, Tommy Mac. The duo chat a bit about being jealous of your hypothetical kid, engage in a little beverage taste test and much more.

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In this installment, Dan Friesen and his BEST FRIEND Nicky Gifts take a look back at the Degrassi: The Next Generation episode "Hungry Eyes." Emma becomes a energy drink (?) spokeswoman, Sav has his first kiss, and Bruce The Moose makes an unfortunate cameo.

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