Friesen Point
Growing up, Dan Friesen always wanted a radio show. As an adult, he created this podcast, which is actually a bunch of podcasts. Friesen Point is a fun talk show. TWTWYTT is an in depth investigation of conspiracy theories. Degrassholes is a (too) in depth, episode by episode exploration of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It all sounds stupid, but you'll love it.

On today's show, Dan and Nicky Gifts chat about the Degrassi: The Next Generation episode Don't Stop Believing, which of course is the one where there are rolling blackouts in Toronto that no one is worried about, and Ellie and Marco may or may engage in manual or oral sex.

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On today's show, Dan and Shane break down a Bracket of the Best WWE Finishing Move of all time. They clearly have different perspectives on what makes a good move, but they both would like to beg all the wrestling nerds out there to be cool. They know they're not experts.

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On today's show, Dan presents his new project, a little show where he and comedian Jordan Holmes wrestle with a day's worth of events on The Alex Jones Show.  Dan knows a lot about Alex Jones and conspiracy, Jordan does not and is pretty much always flabbergasted.  You likely will be too.  Please enjoy.

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Today, Dan and Nicky Gifts break down an episode of Degrassi The Next Generation that they both really don't like too much. Its the one where Sean has PTSD before going to war, and across town, Mia is bringing her baby to a houseparty.  It's a huge mess all around.

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Today, the podcast returns from a New Year break, as Dan sits down with the hilarious and very argumentative Sam Norton. The two attempt to find ultimate truth about their trashy upbringings, whether or not Dan should speak French to his cat, and something that Sam found inside the ceiling of his childhood home.

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On today's show, Dan and Nicky Gifts break down the Degrassi episode where Manny and Jay break up. It's also the episode where a group of kids have to stay in the school for 24 hours and not eat, which is somehow for charity. It's all a bit confusing.

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On today's show, Dan teams up with the hilarious and insightful Shane Copland to do some real serious bracket work. This week's topic is The World's Greatest Circus Acts, and things get real heated. Will Dan get reality mixed up with cartoons? Will Shane push hard for "the Freaks?" The answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes.

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Today, Dan sits down with his good buddy Kevin Hogan to listen to Laura Stevenson's Cocksure album and have a chat. They delve a little into the numerology of their birthdays, talk a little Clarence Carter, and much more.

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Today, Dan is joined by his former co-host, the hilarious and curious individual, Kevin Hogan. Kevin is in town visiting from New York, so the gents discuss the wedding he's in town for, some loose ideas about politics, and that time when Cat Stevens went electric.

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On today's show, Dan and Nicky Gifts break down the episode of Degrassi where Jimmy wants to get stem cells put in him so he can walk again (and so his dick will work again). Elsewhere, a band is formed at Degrassi, and Dan and Nick get real caught up in trying to figure out exactly how Making Da Band happened.

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