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Welcome to The Friesen Point, a place where Chicago comedians Dan Friesen and Dan Drees hang out with a hilarious friend and have a bull session. Sometimes, they delve into conspiracies. Sometimes, they play games. Always, they have a good time.

Today, Dan Friesen is thrilled to welcome back to the show his original co-host (from 2008), his past roommate, and "guy who knows too much about him," Nicky Gifts. Tune in to hear Dan Drees get horrified listening to stories of Friesen's past, plots of Degrassi episodes, and oh so much more.

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Today, the Dans are joined by their old friend, comedian and "Youtube Guru" Hank Thompson. Hank's in town visiting from LA, so the boys do some catching up, talk some nonsense, then get into this week's Subreddit of the Week.

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Today, the Dans are joined by the hilarious and delightful comic Stephanie Hasz for a lovely chat about the ups and downs of quitting a job to pursue comedy, and Dan tells a long story about a perilous trip to the Mancow show.

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Today, the Dans are thrilled to be joined by the hilarious Chicago comedian Jeff Scheen for a conversation about living "that smart phone life," and they delve into a load of very interesting facts.

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Today, the Dans are joined by comedian and podcaster Tim Barnes, host of the It's All True podcast. They get into all sorts of things and have a great time, but more than anything else, they discuss Tim's staunch resistance to games.

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Today, the Dans are joined by past cohost and dear friend Kevin Hogan for a special farewell episode before he moves to Connecticut, theoretically forever. The boys get into all sorts of fun, including singing in the round, what life is like in Connecticut, and the recent massive leak of celebrity nudes. They talk a lot about the nudes.

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Today, the Dans are joined by the Ramblin' Man (or is it "Wranglin Man?"), Kenny DeForest for a rangey chat that fluctuates between silly and sincere, flippant and introspective. Plus, a new segment, Subreddit of the Week, is debuted to medium results.

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Today, the Dans are excited to be joined by the fantastic comedian Mike Stanley. The conversation hits on every important topic: Bros Icing Bros, Buddhist temples, and Limited Time Only chip flavors. Every important topic.

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Today, The Power of Three Dans combine to have a wonderful chat about so many topics. They get into why there hasn't been a new episode in so long. thoughts about dicks and potatoes, and a crazy in-depth conversation about the finer points of time travel.

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Today, Dan Friesen brings you a little special bonus episode, specifically so you can hear a theme song he recorded with some friends for a non-existent podcast.

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