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Welcome to The Friesen Point, a place where Chicago comedians Dan Friesen and Dan Drees hang out with a hilarious friend and have a bull session. Sometimes, they delve into conspiracies. Sometimes, they play games. Always, they have a good time.

It had been so long since the Dans had been in the same studio at the same time, so they decided to go guestless on this last episode before #300. They make the most of the occasion by playing some music Friesen is trying to make peace with, chatting about the time Drees met Ocho-Cinco, and so much more.

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Today, Dan Friesen sits down for a great one-on-one chat with his friend, the hilarious comic Mikey Manker. The gents break down hockey, social media, and a trip Mikey took to do improv in Singapore.

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Today was too busy a day, so Friesen dug into the crates and released a previously unavailable episode of his and Marty DeRosa's old conspiracy theory podcast That's What They Want You To Think. In this episode, the two intrepid podcasters discuss the theory that Nazis have a base on the moon. Very likely stuff.

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Today, Dan Friesen goes one-on-one with his good buddy, the hilarious Tommy Mac, in town visiting from New York. They discuss a virtual tour of Friesen's childhood neighborhood, Tommy's past neckbeard, and much more.

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Today, Drees is busy, so Friesen brings in his good buddy Nate Burrows to fill in as co-host as they sit down with the Count of Monte Cristo (Sandwiches) Kevin Brody. They bring you a new update in the Spice Report, talk a little about celebrity deaths, then deal with the aftermath of a very special episode of Degrassi.

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Today, Dan Friesen opens and closes the week out with a visit from his good friend, the hilarious Dan Sheehan. Sheehan just returned from a month-long trip to work at a Sheep Farm in Norway, so of course, he had to stop by the podcast and let the world know all about it.

Friesen Point will be back and daily next week. Apologies for the hiccup this week.

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Today, the Dans are joined in studio by one of Friesen's oldest friends in comedy, the hilarious Kyle Ayers, in town visiting from New York. The trio get into some of the pressing issues of the day, like Really Spicy Thai food, Kobe Bryant retiring, and of course, Degrassi.

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Today, Friesen is thrilled to be joined one-on-one with Denver's own Steve Vanderploeg. The gents get into the important issues like a hip-hop Mt Rushmore, our friend Farout's new album, and of course the Random Word Generator.

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Today, Dan Friesen goes one-on-one with his good buddy, the hilarious comedian Marty DeRosa. They fill in the public on a new installment of The Spice Report, play a little pro wrestling Fuck-Marry-Kill, then tell some stories inspired by the Random Word Generator.

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Today, the Dans are joined by their very good buddy, the hilarious comedian Nate Burrows. The boys deliver an update on Friesen's aspirations to get extreme with his Thai food, news about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and a trivia-heavy Degrassi breakdown.

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