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Welcome to The Friesen Point, a place where Chicago comedians Dan Friesen and Dan Drees hang out with a hilarious friend and have a bull session. Sometimes, they delve into conspiracies. Sometimes, they play games. Always, they have a good time.

Today, Dan is joined by one his best buds, the hilarious Marty DeRosa for a great chat over Marty's favorite album, Reel Big Fish's Turn Off The Radio. They enjoy some great ska and discuss the very important topics of ska, wrestling, and a major announcement.

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Today, the Dans are excited to welcome their good buddy Kevin Brody back into the studio for a great chat about a recent Third Eye Blind concert, Brody's trip to Warped Tour, and a visit from Principal Radditch possibly goes over the line.

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Today, Friesen does a hot Music Friday episode with one of the greats, the hilarious Joe McMahon to discuss his favorite album, Guns N Roses' Appetite For Destruction and not much else.

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Today, Friesen sits down alone to record a little improvised one-man show for you all. He sits down and lets the Random Word Generator dictate the direction of his show, making him discuss the fertile topics of Ivy, Laxative, and Forest.

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Today, the Dans are joined by their good buddy, the hilarious Nate Burrows for a riveting chat about alternate timelines, Rocky theories, and the long-overdue return roadtrip to Degrassi.

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Today, Friesen is joined by his hilarious friend David Philips to engage in a wide-ranging conversation about hacky-sack, Beluga whales, and much more, all while listening to David's favorite album, Modest Mouse's The Lonesome Crowded West.

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Today, the Dans are tickled pink to be joined on the podcast by their returning friend Saurin Choksi, in town from New York City. The trio catch up a little, talk about Friesen's very recent root canal, and discuss the border between fetish and attraction.

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Today, it's Music Friday, and Friesen is joined once again by the awesome dudes and awesome rappers Farout and Dom Chronicles to sit down, have a few drinks, strike up a great chat, and listen to one of their favorite albums, Westside Connection's Terrorist Threats.

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Today, Friesen goes solo to test-run a new side-format for the show in which he sits alone in the studio and uses a random word generator to dictate the direction of his monologue.

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Today, the Dans go it alone to test run a new side-format for the show, based on Friesen's uncanny ability to make the best and most definitive Top 6 Lists in the world. Today, they take on the Top 6 Pro Athlete Commercial Appearances, all while breaking down a recent brush with celebrity, a hitchhiking robot, and Kid Rock.

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